Michael Reiter: Macroeconomic Theory II, CEU, Spring 2020

Course Notes and Readings :


Class of January 8: basic RBC model

Class of January 15: Notes on Linearization Methods

Class of January 29: Notes on the Mortensen/Pissarides model

Class of January 30: Notes on imperfect competition

Class of February 11: Gali book, Chapter 3

Class of March 11:
Notes on financial frictions
Notes on Gertler/Karadi (2011)

Class of March 18:
Notes on HANK model
Class of March 19:
Paper: Housing and the Redistributive Effects of Monetary Policy
Class of March 23:
Notes on fiscal policy
Class of March 25:
Notes on fiscal policy

Exercises on impulse response functions, with solutions, preparation mid-term:

midterm with solutions
List 1
List 2

Exercise lists:

Exercise 1, due January 15, in class (does not count for final grade)

Exercise 2, due January 22, in class (does not count for final grade)
Dynare file for RBC model with taxes

Exercise 3, due January 29, in class (does not count for final grade)
Matlab file for Hodrick-Prescott filter

Exercise 4, with solutions
Dynare file to solve the Merz model
Matlab file to solve for the steady state and write the result in a matlab file

Exercise 5, due March 15 (does not count for final grade)

Programs used in class:

Dynare file for RBC model

Dynare and Matlab files for Mortensen/Pissardis model

Dynare file for GaliChapter3 model

Several Matlab routines (for example HP filter, impulse responses for ds-solutions, etc.)

For presentation on March 26:
Dynare file and Matlab auxiliary files for Smets/Wouters model
Matlab file to compute steady state of Smets/Wouters model

Matlab Documentation:

A Matlab tutorial

Getting started from the MathWorks home page (a more extensive tutorial)

Mathematics from the MathWorks home page

Matlab Programming from the MathWorks home page

More pdf documentation from the MathWorks home page

Documentation for Matlab optimization toolbox

Program libraries:

Compecon toolbox Miranda/Fackler, Compecon toolbox

Links for optimization software:

FAQ on optimization with many links

http://www.mathtools.net/ contains links for many kinds of software, you can click through to
http://www.mathtools.net/MATLAB/Optimization/index.html to find Matlab optimization software

Optimization centre, Northwestern University

Guide to optimization software and nonlinear equations software

Yet another guide to optimization and nonlinear equations software

Latest articles and links on optimization

Optimization package solnp